Its been half a year. And it feels like we’ve been together for ages. I’m happier with you than I have been in a long time. I thank God everyday that I have you to be mine. Since you’ve come into my life I’ve found patience for things I never thought would irritate me, I found understanding for people and situations that I never thought would concern me and I found a strength inside of myself that I never would have thought could be there. 

I knew from the very beginning that you were something special and I still don’t know how and I don’t even care about why, I’m just really thankful that God allowed me to have this time with you. I love you so much and every day is just that much better because I know at the end of it all I have you. With everything we’ve gone through within these months have made our love that much stronger. No matter what you’ll always have a place in my heart. And I just want to say thank you for putting up with my weirdness, and bitchyness and still loving me. 6 months later and you still give me those butterflies. I love you Dakota Ryan, forever and always<3 #milso #armylove #armygirlfriend #halfyear #anniversary #iloveyou #forever #always #army #militarypolice #deployment

This post is posted on Sunday 12 May 2013.
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